C6 Marketing to Recruit Schizophrenia Referrals, Supporting Eleven Sponsor Studies

Mitigating Risks: The Most Common Risk Factors to Success in Our Model are Site Misalignment and Adverse or Difficult Market Conditions

Site & C6 Misalignment

Problem: When a research site’s personnel and C6, for whatever reason, are not aligned from an operational perspective.

Story: From 2021-2022 C6 worked with a small site in New Jersey across multiple CNS indications. Communication and feedback from the site was extremely limited and the PI (Site Owner) did not understand our value proposition. While C6 was recommended and referred into the site, C6 did an inadequate job of communicating value and getting the entire team brought-in to our methodology and process. This is the worst case scenario. If the site personnel are not bought in and committed to providing feedback, nothing else will make the program work.

Learning: C6 now assigns a dedicated Customer Success Manager to spend the time educating site personnel and aligning site relationships.

Geographic & Media Market Issues

Problem: The C6 risk-based pricing model has limitations when demand and/or traffic is constrained. In particular we’ve experience these limitations in small geographic markets and around certain indications.

Story: One example in 2021, C6 tried to market MDD studies in Southern Arizona (Sun Valley Research Center) and could not find traffic at reasonable volume or reasonable cost. Similarly we’ve found some indications, like Pediatric Migraine, where demand is limited in the specific digital channels and effective costs to produce a Referral are high.

Learning: In these use cases, a possible solution is increased investment and costs passed on via our Referral pricing and/or long term iterating and optimizing with testing until we “figure it out”. At the end of the day our cost-per-Referral model is limited by our ability to find and convert traffic at reasonable margins.

Key Learnings and Conclusion

Total Budget of the Campaigns = $230,000 • C6 Generated 2,024 Referrals • Yielded 30 Screens, and • Produced 20 Randomizations