Marketing & Recruitment Technologies

Supporting Patient Recruitment Innovation

C6 deploys breakthrough technology unlocking underserved life science expertise and efficiency. Our platforms bridge gaps in essential site capabilities:

Lead Management System

Lead management system purpose-built for clinical trial recruitment. Its robust feature set empowers effective lead tracking and conversion.

Discover Engage's Features:

Process Automation, Multi-channel Communication, and Analytics

Engage gives sites unprecedented visibility into and control over the candidate journey from first contact to enrolled participant. And continual improvements ensure pace with the most advanced recruitment innovations.

Proprietary web publishing platform built to enable mass customization of each site’s recruitment marketing.

With MindCare360, C6 can deliver personalized site-relevant recruitment campaigns at virtually any scale. The technology allows us to customize digital marketing campaigns while optimizing performance through qualification analytics. Sites get the uniqueness they need, while sponsors realize consistency.

Site Recruitment Cost Calculator

C6’s proprietary modeling tool provides unmatched visibility into the complex enrollment funnel by quantifying an essential metric – fully-burdened acquisition cost per enrolled patient. With C6 consultants’ experience optimizing ROI, the Calculator transforms recruitment from guessing to science.