Recruitment as a service

Customized Patient Recruiting, Aligned to Performance

Site Empowerment

Patient Recruitment That Delivers

C6 is a patient recruitment company providing local results and operational services as a direct extension of your clinical research site management team. Sites get the benefit of our performance marketing expertise and best practices, customized to site specific solutions.

Site Branded
& Customized

Building trust with patients is critical for success at your research site. And that trust begins with patient-centric campaigns, that introduce your site from the first ad impression.

Shared Risk
Variable Cost Model

Sites only pay for qualified candidates. Nothing else. C6 Marketing covers the cost of all creative, web development / landing pages, and the cost of running the ads. If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay.

Easy to Start,
Low Minimum Budgets

Local ad budgets are often wasted on slow-to-launch, “boiler plate” advertising that fails to deliver. Our nimble approach gets customized campaigns, unique to your site, live and delivering qualified candidates in days.

Ability to
Cancel Anytime

Recruitment needs change over time. Performance is critical for your business. And you should never be locked in. C6 is a flexible partner that offers the ability to pause, adapt or terminate programs at any time.

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Success Stories

Results that are changing the way the industry works.


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Delivering Qualified Leads

Creating Best Practices for Sites

C6 recruitment services solves multiple challenges that sites face with top of funnel marketing, lead generation and lead management. Our full-service or à la carte recruitment solutions enable sites to be more effective clinical research operators and turn marketing into a major business driver for their site.